The Limits of Co-Creation

I’ll preface this post by stating the following… I love co-creation, I think it has helped and continues to help businesses and customers IMMENSELY. Any business that is not utilizing … Continue Reading →

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Why Your Social Media Campaign Should NOT Start W/ Facebook

750 million… that is a big number by any standards. It is also the number of active users currently on Facebook, which makes it an appealing and extremely powerful avenue … Continue Reading →

Hank Moody - God Hates Us All

Review: God Hates Us All

If you enjoy the show Californication, you will love this book. I tend to be a very slow reader, but pounded this bad boy out in one night. The book … Continue Reading →

Questionable Party City Layout

Questionable Party City Layout

While taking a casual stroll through Party City last week, I looked up and saw this questionable combination of signage and product. My first thought was that it had to … Continue Reading →